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Welcome to Des Schools of Tae Kwon-Do, a family orientated martial arts group with academies in Midsomer Norton and Keynsham.

Training Times

Midsomer Norton
Little Pumas 17:15 - 18:00
Juniors/Adults 18:00 - 19:00

5th Kup (Blue Stripe) & below 18:00 - 19:00
4th Kup (Blue Belt) & above 19:00 - 20:00

Juniors 19:00 - 20:00
Adults 20:00 - 21:00

Little Pumas 09:30 - 10:15
Juniors 10:30 - 11:30
Adults 11:30 - 12:30

Midsomer Norton

Norton Hill School, Charlton Road, Midsomer Norton
Radstock BA3 4AN

Senior Instructor of DES TKD, Derek Skidmore, introduced Taekwondo to the Norton/Radstock area on 12th September 1994. He is a former sparring and weapons champion, and currently 5 times national destruction champion and UK record holder.

Based at Norton Hill School sports centre the academy has grown in strength producing over thirty black belts and over five hundred regional, national, european and world champions.

The school still leads the way since its inception, when Taekwondo was first introduced to the area with the TAGB and now with Europes largest ITF group PUMA.

The school is authorised and recognised by the ITF to instruct Taekwondo in Midsomer Norton and Radstock with its instructors and students grades recognised worldwide.

September 2000 saw many of the South Wests TAGB senior instructors leave, taking with them thousands of students and formed PUMA (Professional Unification of Martial Arts) led by two of the biggest names in Martial Arts; Master Raymond Gayle - 7th degree black belt and Master Mark Ogborne - 7th degree black belt and in a very short space of time has become the largest, fastest growing and most respected ITF groups in Europe today.

The ITF (International Taekwondo Federation) invented Taekwondo under the founder Major General Choi Hong Hi - 9th degree black belt. Being part of the ITF ensures our students receive the very best tuition in Taekwondo as we are the only school authorised by the ITF in the Midsomer Norton area to teach true traditional taekwondo following General Choi's philosophies.

Little Pumas was introduced to the Midsomer Norton school in April 2007 and is aimed at 4-6 year olds. PUMA brought the concept back from America in 2000, originally called Little Ninjas it was renamed to maintain its own identity and to stop the confusion with other schools using different teachings under the same name.

Little pumas teach the basics of martial arts, courtesy, respect and discipline whilst being in a fun and enjoyable environment.

Classes are also run for Juniors (7+) and senior classes for male and female of all ages. Classes cover traditional taekwondo, fitness, sparring , bag & pad work, self defence and destruction.


Broadlands Academy, St Francis Road, Keynsham Bristol BS31 2DY

September 2001 saw the opening of DES TKDs third school of Taekwondo, Kingswood & Warmley.  Since its inception it has grown to become the largest of the three.  This success is based on its reputation and the quality of the teaching through its instructors.

As The Grange School closed we were forced to find new premises and are now based at Broadlands Academy, Keynsham.

Many of the instructors started as students at the school remaining loyal to Mr Skidmore.  The schools membership continues to increase whilst maintaining its traditional Taekwondo values and the high standards demanded by the students.  The school consistently strives to produce high quality martial artists and has one of the highest pass rates in the UK.

Mr Skidmore encourages his students to partake in competitions having done so in the past and is a four time black belt national destruction champion and PUMA UK record holder, he has also produced over 500 regional, national, european and world champions.  Three of his students competed for the England squad in the 2006 and 2007 world championships, winning in 2006 which was the first time the squad had done so in this tournament.

The school has a very committed team of instructors who create a great club spirit.  The students also play a big part in this supported strongly by their parents and family who are always welcome and enjoy many of our social functions we have outside of training such as,

• Summer BBQ
• Training Weekend
• Christmas party & awards ceremony

Little Pumas was introduced to the Kingswood & Warmley school in April 2007, this is a program for 4-6 year olds and follows a unique syllabus.  The children have a fantastic time learning about martial arts, valuable life skills, maintaining discipline and respect all in a fun environment instructed by 8 time British Champion, England squad member and world champion bronze medalist, Miss Karen Dowse.

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