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In cross-cultural training participants reflect on the predominant attitudes, priorities, preferences, values and norms of the other culture - also gaining a greater awareness of the corresponding features in their own culture. A wide variety of cultural norms are examined - from decision-making to problem-solving, and from communication styles to attitudes to time, hierarchy and risk. Workshops are highly interactive, and emphasis is placed on the areas and issues which participants consider most important for the success of their particular business activity.

We have developed a close network of expert coaches from around the world. We deliver workshops and programmes worldwide and in many languages.

Working Internationally

Our one and two-day workshops enable participants to communicate more appropriately and more effectively when working internationally - and so achieve higher levels of business success right from the start.

Working with Specific Cultures

Workshops are designed to give participants the knowledge and skills to maximise their creative and productive potential when working with specific cultures.

Relocation Briefings

Relocation Briefings minimise the risk of failing to adapt to a host culture by properly equipping individuals - on a personal and professional level - with the knowledge and skills that will enable them to settle quickly into their new lives abroad.

International Team-Building

International Team-Building workshops enable members and leaders of international teams to establish mutual respect and trust by increasing their understanding and appreciation of cultural differences and strengths within the team. Each team also develops strategies to move forward with optimal efficiency.

Working in Virtual Teams

For virtual teams to work as effectively as conventional teams, they need to be more proactive, deliberate, explicit, disciplined and culturally fluent. The best opportunity for building an effective virtual team is at its start-up. Each workshop is designed to optimise communication within the team.
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