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These courses take place over one or two days and are held either at our training centre in Bath or at a location convenient for the client. Each course is customised to meet specific client requirements and outcomes.

Management and Leadership Styles

Are you aware of the impact that your leadership and management style has on others? Is your style the most appropriate to enable others to perform, learn and achieve optimal results? Our highly practical seminar provides an opportunity to reflect on your current style and consider the range of other styles that could be more appropriate for different personality types and cultures.

Support is provided for each participant to develop a personal leadership plan as well as the practical tools and techniques to become a more effective leader and manager.

Leading High Performance Teams

This seminar breaks down the key components of successful team working into practical methods for manager and leader to use in the workplace.

This seminar also provides team leaders with the tools and skills to perform three primary responsibilities - recognise, coach, and reinforce - that support their team's performance and growth.

Leaders learn to recognise behaviors and conditions that limit team performance as well as how to assess team strength and weakness, and develop coaching and reinforcing skills that act as a catalyst for high performance and continuous improvement.

Managing Change and Communication for Success

This challenging and practical seminar introduces managers to a range of change management principles, practices and techniques to ensure that implementation of change is successfully and seamlessly managed throughout your organisation.

All managers experience change and have responsibilities to implement and manage change programmes. The seminar will provide managers with the opportunity to explore their own change situations and also apply practical tools and techniques to a business case study. Managers will leave this course with an action plan specific to managing and implementing strategic change with their own organisation.

This seminar focuses on providing practical tips and techniques to manage change effectively, which are instantly transferable to your own business change situation.

Conflict Management

This two-day Conflict Management seminar has a mixture of theory and practical exercises designed to create more effective outcomes.

This seminar defines 'conflict' and its purpose. It investigates the advantages of creating a win-win situation and achieving solutions.

This seminar helps you understand that the solution lies with you. Changing what you do, what you say and how you say it, you will create changes in the other person/team. Although you may not always achieve exactly what you want, you will be in charge of and drive the situation.

Critical Thinking and Creative Problem Solving

Successful organisations recognise that critical thinking and creative solutions to problems significantly enhance business potential. Today's decision makers must use a variety of thinking styles, methodologies and creative processes. In this seminar you learn to make better decisions through critical thinking and creative problem solving. You recognise and remove barriers in individual and group thinking and transform creativity into practical business solutions.
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