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Maximise sales to international customers

• Luxury Brands and the Chinese Customer

• Closing the Deal: Russian Customers

• Retail Sales and the Middle Eastern Customer

• Indian customers: the next boom in luxury sales

We have delivered all formats to clients.

Workshop formats:
• 2-day
• 1-day
• 3 x 2.5 hour ‘Deep Dive’;
• 2-hour bite-sized module before Sunday trading


We will:

• Examine the background of the new Chinese, Russian or Middle Eastern customer
• Focus on understanding the nature of their culture
• Learn the key 'drivers' that influence attitude, behaviour and communication norms
• Close the perception gap: 'How we see them!', 'How they see us!'
• Move beyond stereotypes to enhance your understanding in order to meet their needs


We will focus on:
• Your customer - expectations and creating the best experience
• Your products - understanding their appeal to these customers
• Yourself - developing an appropriate communication style as a sales person


The Sales Process - closing the deal

We will consider how to:

Welcome - appropriate style
Deliver - body language and powerful communication; being persuasive
Identify - the customer's needs, desires, weaknesses etc.
Clarify - effective listening: checking, clarifying and summarising
Match - your product to your customer
Reach Agreement - closing-the-sale techniques
Deal with Objections - how to handle and overcome them
Close - leaving the best impression and attracting more customers with a similar background

Who and Where

Training for individuals or groups is on-site, off-site or in our offices in Bath, UK.
The majority of our training is delivered at our clients’ locations.
Impact Global Ltd, 4 The Orchard, Bath, BA1 3HT, UK
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