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What would you do if disaster struck?
What policies do you have in place to respond?
Does your staff understand them?
How would you react if, say, your product was contaminated and you needed to initiate a product recall?
This could happen on a Bank Holiday or a weekend!

Product quality and contamination problems are seriously damaging to your business health and those of your customers; in fact, a poorly managed crisis, especially in the food industry, can spell the end for even well-established companies.

Would you be able to deal with issues like e-coli or listeria outbreaks and contamination? If someone claimed your company was responsible for a public health issue related to something similar, would you know how to deal with it? How would you contain it? Would you know how to defend your position?

Are you aware that any breach of food related laws is a criminal offence and that as a director of the business you can be held liable? We can help you avoid such situations.

How would you respond if a batch of your product was accidentally or maliciously contaminated with a dangerous substance? SMART has decades of acquired expertise  in managing cases of this nature, from dealing with various Government departments (DEFRA etc.), Environmental Health, Trading Standards and the media. With SMART on your side, as part of your team, we will be on hand 24/7 in times of crisis for your Company. We offer a 24/7 contact number for emergencies for our registered clients.

Nobody wishes for a crisis or a product recall, but these things DO happen and when they do, you need the calm hand of an expert to guide you. We’re not just here to react when things have already gone wrong; SMART can train you and your designated staff so that when disaster strikes, you are already prepared with a professional response plan in place.

With SMART advice, planning and guidance your business will be better placed to deal with major disruption and our/your professional management of the situation may even enhance your reputation in the market. Your business future could depend on it.

Make the wise choice and contact us for SMART advice on Crisis management.

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