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Are your aged and difficult debts increasing?
Are people holding on to your cash to fund their own businesses?
Do you spend too much time effort and money chasing difficult payers?
Would you prefer to spend your time on more positive activity?

If you answer "yes" to any of the above you are suffering the same problems as many other companies and it's time for you to get SMART! SMART Commercial Ventures Limited is an industry leader in the field of difficult debt recovery. We quickly identify what is owed and then waste no time in letting the debtor know very precisely what will happen if they don't pay up.

Every debt situation is individually assessed before we launch our action. As soon as you engage SMART debt recovery and we have studied the information you provide, we will chase the debtor by every means possible (phone, email, letter, visits etc). We can also carry out a range of Business Searches on your behalf, including on company directors, CCJ’s, insolvency records and Land Registry records. This multi-track approach allows any queries or disputes to be identified and discussed promptly and frequently ensures quicker recovery of what you are owed.

The SMART approach is to treat each case on its merits; if the debtor refuses to repay what you are rightfully owed and legal action is the only path open, we will always discuss it with you and get your explicit approval before we begin proceedings. You can trust SMART's judgment because our expertise is built on over 40 years commercial experience, which when combined with our retained team of solicitors, lawyers, barristers and financial experts, means we get quick and efficient results for our clients. We don't just go through the usual obvious motions; we "think outside the box" to get the best results for you. We always take the smart, commercial approach; it's in our name.

Many debtors soon realise that their time is up when we contact them and pay up without the need for us to issue legal proceedings against them. However, if the Law is the last resort available SMART can offer a wide range of legal advice and services.”

High Court Enforcement
Bailiff services
Oral Examination of Debtors
Personal Attendance by one of our 73 Agents
Process Server
Statutory Demands
Legal charges over property/order absolute
Bankruptcy/Winding-up petitions
Tracing absent debtors (we have a 95% success rate)
Third Party Debt Recovery Services

If you have any debtor related problems, lighten your management load and contact us now.

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