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Disputes are fairly commonplace in all sorts of business relationships.
SMART has a broad experience in resolving disputes which otherwise might prove really damaging for your company.

Consider the following potential areas for dispute:

Product quality/specification (sale and purchase)
Delivery issues
Contracted  terms

It might be a dispute with a supplier, a customer, a consumer of your product (even though you might not have sold it to them directly) or a haulage company! In all of these cases, a poorly managed dispute can be disastrous as well as time consuming.

SMART’s primary objective in managing a dispute is to look after YOUR interests and wherever possible to AVOID litigation. SMART will calmly explore all the issues with you and the third party(ies) and we will normally resolve the problem without recourse to Law. We have extensive experience we can call on to achieve this. We can negotiate, mediate, or defend for you depending on the nature of the case. If all that fails, we can (with your permission) instruct our panel of specialist solicitors to litigate on your behalf.

If litigation is a must, you can be sure we will make the strongest representations on your behalf based upon:

Decades of experience of similar cases
Our own team of fully trained paralegals
Our retained panel of trusted solicitors
Our preferred barristers

Which all means that it makes good economic sense to use SMART for third party disputes. Talk to us and SMART will take the strain while you get on with running your business. Contact us now!

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