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Are you up to date with all employment legislation?
Do all your employees have legal contracts?
Do you use temporary staff?
Do you have an official grievance procedure?
Have you got a robust health and safety policy in place?

How would you manage any employment related claims against your business? (Unfair dismissal, sexual discrimination, racial discrimination, constructive dismissal and so on). Do you have an official disciplinary code of practice?

If you need any of these, we can provide them, whether individually or as a comprehensive SMART suite of documents to keep you on the right track.

SMART can mediate between parties in a dispute, hear appeals, negotiate on your behalf and advise on providing a workable solution to the dispute.

Mediation is highly recommended to resolve employment related disputes in a cost-effective way and to avoid the time and expense of Industrial Tribunals.

Good management begins at home. If you are unsure you have all the right documents in place, do the SMART thing and contact us to check things through. It is often beneficial to introduce an expert third party when disputes occur.

A third party with expert knowledge can take the heat out of the situation and promote early resolution. If there are any employment related disputes or disagreements which are troubling you, share them with us and we will advise you on the best course of action to defuse the situation and achieve resolution.

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