Welcome to Survey My Boat
Welcome to Survey My Boat

Need a steel canal / river boat survey?

Buying a boat for river or canal use is a big decision - and doubtless you have already been told how important it is to have a survey before purchase.

We agree - but then of course we would, that’s what we do.

We specialise in steel canal and river boats - nothing else - and we offer nononsense surveys by a professional Chartered Engineer that has already learnt the hard way about what it takes to make something reliable and dependable.

We delight in helping new buyers / owners and will willingly spend time with you to explain any details about the boat that you require. If you have the time and the boat yard is agreeable, then we highly recommend coming to see the boat when it’s out the water during the survey.

If you are an experienced owner and want to discuss more in depth aspects, then we will be very happy to do that as well.

We endeavour to have your survey ready by the end of the following day.  A signed scanned copy will be available on our “My Boat Locker” website for you to download / print off, as you wish and the survey will remain available for you on the site for the next 12 months.

Interested? ...

Contact Charles Today:
T: 07713 502869
E: info@surveymyboat.co.uk


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Canal and River Steel Boat Specialist
07713 502869   |   info@surveymyboat.co.uk
07713 502869   |   info@surveymyboat.co.uk
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Canal and River Steel Boat Specialist
Canal and River Steel Boat Specialist