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The modern vehicle is becoming increasingly sophisticated with the  incorporation of in-built towing functions for safety and comfort which can only activated by using specialist tools.
Fog Light Cut Out
This feature turns out the vehicle’s fog lights when a trailer is plugged in.

Parking Sensor Cut Off
This feature turns off the parking sensors when a trailer or caravan is plugged in.

The vehicle would be aware that you are towing and would not brake so violently in an emergency.
Instrument Display Indication
This feature utilises a light on the instrument panel to indicate trailer signalling is working.
Bulb Failure Detection
This feature can detect when a bulb is not operating on the trailer or caravan.

Adaptive Cruise
This would increase the distance it stays behind the vehicle in front of it.

Automatic tailgate release
This is where you can wave your foot under the rear of the vehicle and the boot opens automatically.  This would get disabled so the boot does not open and hit the item you are towing
Our SD MAT Multi Application Tool enables the correct fitment and coding of towbars and start/stop batteries, reducing the liabilities faced by the installer.

In addition to towbar configuration, the platform performs the following functions and more:

•  Battery Coding

•  Service Reset

•  DPF Regeneration

•  EPB Service Mode

•  EOBD Read/Clear

Our SD MAT platform brings together many years’ experience of designing tools that are updateable over the internet and now updates can be done in a matter of minutes thanks to our new update process which includes an improved USB driver for speed and reliability.


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