Towbar Electric Wiring Kits

As vehicle manufacturers begin incorporating more and more technology into their vehicles the importance of fitting electrics that can protect both the vehicle and the trailer becomes more important, in some cases vital. With ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistant Systems) becoming a standard feature on most vehicles, along with functions such as Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS), Electronic Stability Programmes (ESP), Self-Levelling Suspension, Lane Assist and Adaptive Cruise Control, it is important that the correct wiring harness is fitted to maintain these functions when the towbar is being used.

There are principally two options, there is a universal kit (By-Pass) and the specific vehicle kit. The By-Pass kit would normally need to be piggy backed into the vehicle wiring harness as well as needing to take power connections from the fuse box or Battery.  Vehicle specific kits may already have the wiring for the trailer module allowing it to plug straight in, although a power feed may be necessary on some vehicles.
Many vehicles have systems that are dormant until being activated by the reprogramming process, systems like the Trailer Stability Program (TSP) will be activated and, once the vehicle is towing, will be able to assist and correct a ‘snake’ in the towed unit. It is worth remembering a universal (By-Pass) kit will be unable to activate these vehicle systems.


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